Rates in the Cloud Excel add-in
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Rates In The Cloud (RITC) Excel add-in extends Microsoft Excel functionalities with more than 60 functions to perform financial and actuarial calculations using remote or local tables.

  • Functions include: retrieval of remote tables properties and rates; present, future and internal value of payments; demographic and actuarial factors; financial assets analysis (returns and ratios);
  • Remote tables can be retrieved from any data store, by adapting one simple web service;
  • The add-in is build using the Rates in the Cloud library: the add-in functions - and much more - are available to any NET compatible solution by integrating the RITC library.
Browse this site for an overview ot the add-in functions, or download the add-in user documentation for an in depth coverage.

A fully functional version of the add-in can be downloaded from the Download tab.

For example...

All examples are screen shots taken from the sample workbook, available in the download section.
Fields with orange background are functions parameters; bold blue fields are functions result.

SingleLife function example